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Inventorsniche - PYPI


The Ultimate Chemistry Calculator Developer Suite:

         *Available at:

         *Contains documentation for chemistry-related conversion             

           problem functions and functionality for chemical equation balancing (acid/bases as well).

Oxidation Number Calculator - ALPHA VERSION (Additional bug removal and testing, more features to be added):

         *Available at:

                  *Provide a compound or chemical equation and receive the oxidation

            numbers for all of the elements within each compound.

                   *As of now it's merely a simple oxidation number solver. A couple of other combinatorial methods are being worked on that take common bonding patterns into account and electronegativities. It's just a matter of if it will be fast enough... 

Lewis Structure Predictor Attempt - Still being developed...

          *Is being combined with the Oxidation Number Package as one of the additional methods...

The Heap Developer Suite (float data types only):

         *Binary Heap (MAX) : Numpy-Memmap Based:

           Available at -

         *Binary Heap (MIN) : Numpy-Memmap Based:

           Available at -

          *Additional methods will be added to the packages above...

*A few other ideas in the making were present on this page recently, but they will remain hidden until the chemistry package is finally complete along with the few other features that will be added to the Heap packages...

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