Inventorsniche - PYPI


The Ultimate Chemistry Calculator Developer Suite:

         *Available at:

         *Contains documentation for chemistry-related conversion             

           problem functions and documentation for how to launch the

           graphical version of the Ultimate Chemistry Calculator: Part 1 

           from within a program.

Oxidation Number Calculator - BETA VERSION (Still being tested):

         *Available at:

                  *Provide a compound or chemical equation and receive the oxidation

            numbers for all of the elements within each compound.

The General Tree Developer Suite:

         *Binary Heap (MAX) : Numpy-Memmap Based:

           Available at -

         *Binary Heap (MIN) : Numpy-Memmap Based:

           Available at -

         *Binary Search Tree : Numpy-Memmap Based - COMING SOON!

         *A general tree implementation is being developed as well...

         *A machine learning algorithm is being developed as well...

A Stack Implementation:

         *Coming Soon!

         *Will contain an efficient implementation of the Stack data