"The Ultimate Chemistry Calculator: Part 1"
Python Implementation coming soon...

The python implementation of "The Ultimate Chemistry Calculator: Part 1" is the second desktop version and will be released September of 2020.


New features:

    +Stoichiometry Calculators

    +Chemical Equation Balancing Calculator (Utilizes Linear Algebra)

    +Home Made Review Videos (for stoichiometry and basic mole conversions)

Old Features:

    +Basic Mole Conversion Calculators (Nine of them)


A download button will be added in September of 2020. This button will allow you to retrieve a file named that will import the functionality of the new desktop application. All users will have to do is execute the command: "pythonw" in order to get the program started.

However, users who do not have Python3 or any other dependencies that the program requires will need to download them. Below are some resources that users can refer to for help downloading requirements:

                       -Downloading Python3.7.9 (Python3.8 is out, but seems to be a bit unstable still):

                              +For Windows and Mac users:

                                    +Go down to the "Files" section

                                          +Mac Users should Choose: macOS 64-bit installer

                                          +Windows Users should Choose: Windows x86 executable installer or

                                                                                         Windows x86-64 executable installer

                                          **NOTE: Windows Users, the installer you choose will depend on your architecture. To                                                        figure out if you are running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of windows,                                                                        visit:, find your OS, and follow the                                                            instructions. If your OS is a 32-bit version, choose the x86 executable; if the                                                          64-bit version, choose the x86-64 executable.

                                         +Linux Users: Coming Soon

                       -Downloading other program dependencies:

                              +Pip3 will be used to download all dependencies: PyQt5, periodictable, chempy, and wxpython

                                    +Download Pip3 for Mac: Coming Soon

                                    +Download Pip3 for Windows: Coming Soon

                                    +Download Pip3 for Linux: Coming Soon

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