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"The Ultimate Chemistry Calculator: Part 1"
Python Implementation

The python implementation of "The Ultimate Chemistry Calculator: Part 1" is the second desktop version.


New features:

    +Stoichiometry Calculators

    +Chemical Equation Balancing Calculator (Utilizes Linear Algebra)

    +Home Made Review Videos (for stoichiometry and basic mole conversions)

Old Features:

    +Basic Mole Conversion Calculators (Nine of them)

For those who wish to bypass the do it yourself instructions below, download a script file below:

Mac Users: File

          +Once downloaded, go to the mac terminal and perform: bash or bash Name_Of_File...

                    +Do this by first typing bash and then dragging and dropping the file into the terminal                                window; this way the file path will be added for you.

Ubuntu Users: File-Updating-Link will be back up soon...

Windows Users: File-Updating-Link will be back up soon...

Do it yourself installation:

A download button has been added. This button will allow you to retrieve a file named that will import the functionality of the new desktop application.

However, users who do not have Python3 or any other dependencies that the program requires will need to download them. Below are some resources that users can refer to for help downloading requirements:

                       -Downloading a version of Python3:

                              +For Windows and Mac users:

                                    +Go to the "Downloads" tab and choose either Mac or Windows. If a Windwos user, scan                                        the page you were brought to and look for an appropriate python version based on your                                          operating system (try to get python3.7 or later). If a Mac user, choose a version that is                                          in the range of python3.7 or later.

                                          +Mac Users should Choose: macOS 64-bit installer

                                          +Windows Users should Choose: Windows x86 executable installer or

                                                                                         Windows x86-64 executable installer

                                          **NOTE: Windows Users, the installer you choose will depend on your architecture. To                                                        figure out if you are running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of windows,                                                                        visit, find your OS, and follow the                                                            instructions. If your OS is a 32-bit version, choose the x86 executable; if the                                                          64-bit version, choose the x86-64 executable.

                              +Linux Users: Install Python3.8

                       -Downloading other program dependencies:

                              +Pip will be used to download all dependencies: PyQt5, periodictable, sympy, and wxPython

                                    +Download Pip for Mac: Install Pip on Mac

                                    +Download Pip for Windows: Install Pip on Windows

                                    +Download Pip for Linux: Install Pip on Linux 

                                                 +Try executing 'pip3' if 'pip' doesn't do...

                              +Download PyQt5: pip install PyQt5

                              +Download periodictable: pip install periodictable

                              +Download wxPython: pip install wxPython

                                         +wxPython for Linux-Ubuntu Users: Instructions

                                                 +(You will still need to execute 'pip install wxPython' after downloading

                                                    the dependencies)

                              +Download sympy: pip install sympy

The source code file for the video series package (software included) is below. Note that more code will be cleaned and comments added as time goes on, and so the file will periodically be updated. The non-video packaged software already has an appearance on the python index PYPI:


Once the video package link is added, simply download the file through the button below, open up your command-line/terminal, and run:

Mac -> pythonw

Linux -> python

Windows -> python or double click the file

This is assuming you have already fulfilled the above requirements.


For any developers:

The PyPi index submission has been made available. Documentation has been provided that will allow you to use each individual conversion calculator by simply importing the function. Developers can also access the graphical-program or desktop application via the PyPi package as well; this goes for chemistry students too. For chemistry students, simply perform the following from the python shell:

from UltimateChemCalc import startG


For Developers, simply utilize startG from within a function so users can execute it as needed.

For instance:

def function():


The Package documentation, once again, can be found here:

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