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Educational Software

"The Ultimate Chemistry Calculator: Part 1"
Python Implementation

The python implementation of "The Ultimate Chemistry Calculator: Part 1" is the second desktop version.


New features:

    +Stoichiometry Calculators

    +Chemical Equation Balancing Calculator (Utilizes Linear Algebra)

    +Home Made Review Videos (for stoichiometry and basic mole conversions)

Old Features:

    +Basic Mole Conversion Calculators (Nine of them)

Chemistry Videos for Download or Online Viewing:

Home-made chemistry lectures regarding mole conversions and stoichiometry are available below. The videos were going to be included with the software package, but due to the large size of the files combined, they are instead available for viewing or download via google drive (the links are also included within the software via button-push):

**Video Link: Basic Mole Conversions

**Video Link: Stoichiometry


Mole Conversion Help Sheet Within the Basic Mole Conversions Video:

Stoichiometry Flow Sheet Within the Stoichiometry Video:

Sample Chemical Equation Within the Stoichiometry Video:

For Those Who Wish to Download Python:

1. For those who intend to get serious with python:

          Download Anaconda:

2. For casual users:

          Download Latest version of Python (3.8 is a good place to start):

PYPI Index Package -

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